16 innovative, women-led businesses to watch

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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Digest, brought to you by Switchboard. In this special edition, meet more than a dozen innovative women and the organizations they lead. Over the next few weeks, we'll take a deeper look at these businesses, so stay tuned. Have a great day, and we'll see you again on Thursday.

Women-led businesses innovating in Victoria, B.C.

Susan Blanchet, CEO, Origen Air

Origen Air develops genetically mastered air purification solutions. Susan Blanchet is the co-founder and CEO.

Solaires Entreprises is developing the next generation of solar cells. Dr. Sahar Sam is the co-founder and chief science officer.

Axolotl Biosciences working to improve human health through novel 3D printing technologies. Stephanie Willerth, Laura De La Vega, and Laila Abelseth are co-founders.

Open Ocean Robotics develops autonomous energy-harvesting boats that are equipped with sensors, cameras, and communication devices to collect data. Julie Angus is the co-founder and CEO.

The Centre for Ocean Applied Sustainable Technologies is building an innovation hub on Vancouver Island to support B.C.’s burgeoning bluetech businesses. Emilie de Rosenroll is the CEO.

Cindicates is a seed VC fund focused on providing early funding to Victoria startups. Stephanie Andrew is a partner and CFO, and Paula Carey is a general partner and founding member.

The Nulla Project is a reusable cup and takeout container program. Nancy Prévost-Maurice and Caroline Thibault are the co-founders.

VoxCell BioInnovation is a tissue engineering company. Dr. Karolina Valente is the founder and CEO.


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Alexzi Building Solutions is producing sustainable high-performance buildings and retrofit products. Amber Simpson is the CEO.

Flathaus is an e-design platform bridging the gap between interior designers and DIY home renovators. Leanne McKeachie is the founder.

Inqli is a social app that aims to bridge the divide between education and work through a continuous process of inquiry, discovery, and wayfinding. Rebecca Kirstein Resch is the founder and CEO.

MeepMeep makes smart disc golf accessories. Eve Olynyk is the CEO.

Nadia Tatlow, CEO of Shift

Shift is a centralized hub for all your email accounts, web apps, calendars, and to-do lists. Nadia Tatlow is the CEO.

Locelle is a learning and development platform for women with a mentor-matching marketplace, roundtables and community. Humaira Ahmed is the founder and CEO.

The Virtual Producer helps digital content creators and educators manage the messy middle of their business operations. Simmi Behal is the founder and CEO.

Flowerstone Learning Services helps students of all ages find success through learning coaching, online courses for grad students, and counselling. Sarah Davis and Liz Alexander are the co-founders.

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