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Plus, discover which local companies are advancing in the New Ventures BC competition.


Welcome to this week’s Sunday Briefing, brought to you by Switchboard. In this issue, learn from Victoria tech leaders who’ve gone through downturns past, see which local cleantech outfit is a finalist for an international award, and discover what local companies are advancing in the New Ventures BC competition.

-Allison, @allisongacad

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Navigating today’s economic headwinds with wisdom from the past

It’s a perfect storm for tech entrepreneurs these days. Inflation is at an all-time high and interest rates are too. Investment dollars are slowing, and we still haven’t seen any IPOs. For recent business leaders, this may be the first economic bust they’ve experienced of its kind. But it isn’t the first downturn in modern history, and local tech innovators have ridden these waves before — to much success today.

In the early 2000s, the world was just beginning to launch itself into the digital age. Fax machines were still widely used, the IMAX theatre dome was a go-to movie experience, and online banking didn’t quite exist.

“[The year] 2000 was very complicated because digital was on such a hard rise, and everybody jumped on board,” said Art Aylesworth, former CEO of Carmanah Technologies, which began as a solar LED lighting company for the marine industry.

“There was a certain window where suddenly it opened up, and there was a lot of entrance and entrepreneurial enthusiasm because you could get funding for starting internet businesses,” said Hannes Blum, a now-Victoria-based investor who at the time was launching the online book marketplace JustBooks in Germany. “And then very quickly, that turned sour. There was some exaggeration in the market and some companies at the time went public that [didn’t really have] a business model.”

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