B.C.’s marine industry shows off for COAST

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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Briefing. In this issue, read about the COAST Pitchfest 2024, upcoming infrastructure projects, another Victoria company pitching its plan, and SIPP’s Indigenous Prosperity Centre.

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B.C.’s marine industry shows off for COAST

Source: Unsplash

Vancouver Island is no stranger to innovative marine technologies. But this time, it’s the mainland that’s taking home first place.

Vancouver-based Seacork Studios’ Annie Dahan emerged victorious in the COAST Pitchfest 2024 with her concept of biodegradable acoustic panels made from seaweed, an idea aimed at reshaping our connection to materials and their sources.

“I am thrilled to be named the first ever winner of COAST Pitchfest 2024. At Seacork Studios, we are focused on developing biodegradable acoustic panels sourced from local seaweed, redefining our relationship to materials and their origins. We have recently filed patents for our innovative acoustic attenuating seaweed material and are now at the pilot project stage, we plan to use the prize to grow our production process to supply our pilot projects,” said Dahan, Seacork’s founder. “Our mission at Seacork Studio is two-fold. First, is to replace environmentally degrading acoustic panels with locally sourced, biodegradable Seacork acoustic panels. Second, is to rethink our approach to material development by prioritizing the life of the natural resource in its ecosystem as a greater value than that of the final product made from it.”

Seacork Studios beat out four other finalists:

In its first year, COAST Pitchfest is sponsored and facilitated by Spring. COAST hosted Pitchfest as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting emerging talent and driving forward-thinking initiatives in the Blue Economy.

📰 More Victoria innovation news

🚧 Another brick in the wall: Infrastructure changes are coming. In the latest Chamber Chat, Oak Bay Mayor Kevin Murdoch discussed what projects are underway.

🔌 Start me up: Victoria’s Axolotl Biosciences pitched at the Plug and Play University Pitch Session last week. Axolotl Biosciences is aiming to improve human health through novel 3D printing technologies.

🤝 Together we’ll stand: The South Island Prosperity Partnership (SIPP) shared more information about the Indigenous Prosperity Centre, SIPP’s non-profit initiative dedicated to supporting the economic vision of First Nations and Indigenous Peoples on Southern Vancouver Island.


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