Have you tapped into tap-to-pay?

Plus, clean buildings, clean air, and clean boats.

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Briefing. In this issue, Justin Blanchfield supports clean buildings, Susan Blanchet is recognized for clean air, Chris Baker chats clean boats, and plenty more. Now, onto today’s briefing. It’s 697 words, a three-minute read.

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Photo credit: BC Transit

After months (read: years) of anticipation, BC Transit finally unveiled a tap-to-pay feature for Victoria buses last month.

The new electronic fare system known as Umo, pronounced “you-mo”, was implemented on Aug. 23. The system introduces contactless payment methods and new fare products that will improve the transit experience by allowing riders to pick the best options for their lifestyle and travel habits, BC Transit touted.

“I am so excited to take this giant leap to achieve our goal of making BC Transit 'your best transportation solution,’” said Christy Ridout, VP of strategy and public affairs at BC Transit. “We heard our riders when they asked for a new way to pay their fare and we are so pleased to provide them with the innovative Umo solution. With that said, we recognize innovation means changes to habits, and BC Transit is committed to supporting our riders while they make this transition. We promise no rider will be left behind without support from the Umo customer service call centre, upcoming public engagement events, support at bus stops, and our amazing onboard customer service.”

Most riders welcomed it with open arms while some critiques regarding payment methods and schedules have been levied. So, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you taken Umo for a spin? What did you think? Reply to this email to let us know.

Have you used the new tap-to-pay feature to ride Victoria buses?

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📰 More Victoria innovation news

🏢 Clean buildings: Justin Blanchfield and Inside Health’s sustainable building strategies were featured by BC Hydro.

🌬️ Clean air: Local cleantech company Origen Air and founder Susan Blanchet were nominated for a 2024 Clean50 award.

🛥️ Clean boats: Chris Baker, the founder of Alberni Yachts, joined the COAST Talks podcast hosted by Jason Goldsworthy, the organization’s executive director, to discuss the mission behind the zero-emission yacht company.


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