Building an ocean IoT

Plus, takeaways from Ambition 2035

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Briefing. In this issue, read about highlights from Ambition 2035 and the origin of Origen Air, and meet COAST’s new director of strategic engagement.

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Winners of the 2024 Greater Victoria Business Awards

Source: Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce held their annual Business Awards on Tuesday, announcing winners in 14 categories ranging from Business of the Year to Outstanding Workplace of the Year. The awards celebrate the Chamber’s members and the work being done in and around Victoria.

Representing the tech industry in this year’s awards was Open Ocean Robotics, which took home the Innovation Award.

Using solar-powered, uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs), Open Ocean Robotics collects ocean data to change the way we study, protect, and use the ocean. As they put it, they’re helping build an ocean IoT.

Deployed in coastal and open ocean environments for months at a time, the USVs use sensors, cameras, and real-time communication to monitor everything from marine mammal detections and fish stock counts to acoustic vessel detection. At top speed and over a short distance, the USVs can travel up to six knots — that’s just over 11 kilometres per hour.

📰 More Victoria innovation news

⛵️ Smooth sailing: Sparx Publishing Group’s Alexandra Nikitina shared insights on the ocean economy from Ambition 2035, hosted by Canada’s Ocean Supercluster and COAST. Highlights included the need for Indigenous collaboration, the strength of Canada’s blue bioeconomy, and the importance of DEI.

🌬 Another hit of fresh air: Innovate BC met with Origen Air CEO and Founder, Susan Rae Blanchet to discuss the company’s upcoming product launch, the challenges of being a female founder, and their ‘Origen’ story.

🤝 We’re on each other’s team: COAST welcomed its new director of strategic engagement, Sophie Silkes. Silkes’ experience includes partnerships with the United Nations, IBM, and the Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

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