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UVic, Rainhouse lend insight as the Government of Canada unveils strategic vision

Photo credit: Rainhouse on LinkedIn

Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, recently released Powering Canada Forward, the Government of Canada's vision for transforming Canada's electricity sector. Broadly speaking, the report aims to decarbonize Canadian grids by 2035, keep the country’s electricity systems reliable, and ensure household energy costs are affordable. This project rivals any nation-building project in Canada's history.

“Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, clean electricity is a critical step in driving down emissions and seizing the massive economic opportunities that will be enabled through the shift to a low-carbon future,” Wilkinson said. “This vision document, Powering Canada Forward, illustrates how, working together, we can build out a clean grid at a pace and scale needed to fight climate change, create good sustainable jobs, and secure our economic prosperity for generations to come."

The vision, unveiled at Invinity Energy Systems’ Vancouver manufacturing facility, also featured a discussion amongst those in attendance. Two Victoria outfits had a seat at the (round)table: UVic and Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada.

Rainhouse’s presence was particularly significant. The company recently received funding from another attendee: $750,000 from the B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) to advance Rainhouse’s demonstration of an energy storage solution. The project will use retired electric vehicle batteries to store power, solving a problem faced by many rural municipalities with intermittent access to energy — particularly when it is enabled by solar or wind generation.

Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada’s president and CEO Ray Brougham was honoured to attend today’s release of Powering Canada Forward, the Government of Canada’s strategic vision for decarbonizing the electricity sector at a pace and scale of historic proportions,” the company posted on LinkedIn. “Ray had a great time meeting Minister Wilkinson and Minister Bailey and listening to their thoughts on powering towards emissions-free electrification, in collaboration with the B.C.-based clean energy community.”

The unveiling showcases that the federal government is bullish on clean energy nationwide, and particularly in B.C. Its choice to launch the vision in Vancouver — and ensure Victoria-based innovators participated in the event — represents the province’s hefty presence in the national conversation that will inform the development of Canada's first Clean Electricity Strategy, to be released in 2024.


Massive potential in blue economy

As it builds Pacific Canada’s hub for the sustainable blue economy, COAST invites ocean and marine businesses to get involved. As executive director Jason Goldsworthy notes, “There are an increasing number of innovators providing new commercial solutions to key industry challenges. We can accelerate their growth and impact.” Get connected:

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📰 More Victoria innovation news

💊 The formula for formulas: VitaminLab, a local healthtech company developing personalized supplements, wrote a blog post with tips on how to build a custom supplement roster.

🥂 A toast to Toast: Royal Roads University featured alumni April Hicke, the co-founder and chief growth officer of Toast: a membership-based women’s collective to advance women in tech.

🏫 Schooling the high schoolers: Justin Tse, the founder and CEO of Feature Media, returned to his old stomping grounds of St. Michaels University School to give some advice to its current crop of students.

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📅 Upcoming events

August 15 | 3D printing personalized tissue models: Join UVic and Axolotl Biosciences’ Stephanie Willerth and Milena Restan Perez for this webinar to discuss recent advances in bioink technology, and how they can be combined with 3D bioprinting to generate personalized tissue models.

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