Californian company swallows Victoria’s Cuboh whole

Plus, the University of Victoria lands amongst the stars

Welcome to this week’s Midweek Memo. In this issue, read about the acquisition of local company Cuboh plus three big wins for the University of Victoria, including the discovery of a unique cluster of stars in the Milky Way.

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Californian company swallows Victoria’s Cuboh whole

They didn’t just take a bite, they swallowed the company whole — and it tasted great. Cuboh, a Victoria-based company offering restaurants a complete suite of online ordering and marketing tools, has been acquired by L.A.-based ChowNow.

For over a decade, Cuboh’s team has focused on giving restaurateurs more control over the online order process and helping them get back to what matters – a sublime culinary experience.

“We started Cuboh with a simple mission: to help restaurants digitize their operations in an efficient, affordable way,” said Juan Orrego, co-founder and CEO of Cuboh. “That's why this opportunity with ChowNow is so exciting for our team. Restaurants can very easily sign up and get everything they need in one place, including a reliable POS integration. This is only the beginning for what's possible; together, our teams can make a tangible impact on our restaurant partners to help them grow their businesses."

Cuboh’s platform consolidates orders from various food delivery services into a single, manageable interface intended to improve operational efficiency and reduce errors. The acquisition will allow ChowNow to integrate these capabilities.

Restaurants already using Cuboh will now have access to ChowNow’s suite of products.

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✨ Slip away across the universe: University of Victoria scientists discovered an ancient group of stars orbiting the Milky Way. The group of stars “is either the faintest ancient star cluster known to date, or the faintest and closest known dwarf galaxy ever discovered.”

🎓 Hey teacher, (don’t) leave them kids alone: The University of Victoria dug into into the many benefits of hiring a co-op student. Since 1976, the post-secondary has helped nearly 100,000 students get real-world work experience in their field of study.

🌄 I’ll rise unafraid: FreshWorks Studio was founded by University of Victoria graduates Sam Mod and Rohit Boolchandani. Hear from the founders about their experience building a business in Victoria – one that took off, and in 2022, was bought by EY Design Studio.

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