Christine Tatham promoted to chief people officer at Redbrick

Plus, a fresh look for Certn and poop testing in the Salish Sea

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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Briefing. In this issue, read about Certn’s new look, poop testing in the Salish Sea, and recognition for VoxCell BioInnovation.

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People Moves: Christine Tatham promoted to chief people officer at Redbrick

Christine Tatham, Chief People Officer at Redbrick

Originally published in the Vancouver Tech Journal

Redbrick, a software platform for digital entrepreneurs, recently announced Christine Tatham as its new chief people officer. Tatham is the former VP of HR at Epicure, the gourmet lifestyle magazine, and the previous head of HR for Pentland Brands, which manages some of the world’s best sports, outdoor and lifestyle brands.

When announcing the news, Tatham opened up about her early childhood aspirations, the pressures and expectations she and many women faced before joining Redbrick, and what advice she’d give to other companies and women who aren’t looking to settle for one path in life and career.

“My dream as a young girl was to be a judge in the Supreme Court of Canada. My other dream was to be a mom.

During a job shadow in university, a judge told me that I’d need to put any dreams of kids aside to be a judge. I could be a lawyer, but if I wanted to be a judge, it would take years of dedication and having children would get in the way. I chose a different career path for other reasons, but that piece of ‘advice’ has always stuck in my mind. “


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📰 More Victoria innovation news

💃 You look wonderful tonight: Victoria’s Certn unveiled a fresh new look and updated website in preparation for a global rollout. Certn is a tech-first background check provider.

💩 You got to go: Partially funded by Genome BC, a group of scientists from the University of British Columbia and the B.C. Centre for Disease Control is developing a molecular PCR test to differentiate between human and animal fecal pollution. Results should impact beach closure and shellfish contamination regulations.

🚀 Flying at the speed of sound: VoxCell BioInnovation landed in Douglas Magazine’s 10 to Watch 2023 for its work accelerating research and development of medication to treat cancer.

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