CICE invests in carbon capture projects on B.C.’s coast

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CICE invests in carbon capture projects on B.C.’s coast

Source: CICE

Originally published in the Vancouver Tech Journal

The B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) announced investments into two projects focused on removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere via the ocean.

"Scientists estimate that we need to remove at least 10 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide annually by 2050, which is more than the annual production of oil and gas combined," said Sarah Goodman, president and CEO of CICE. "Ocean-based carbon dioxide removal methods hold enormous potential, but their impact on coastal communities and marine ecosystems must be carefully studied. By investing in early-stage innovation and leveraging British Columbia's leading research expertise, we aim to support the development of safe, effective, and responsible carbon removal methods."

In the Burrard Inlet, Planetary Technologies is testing an “ocean antacid” to neutralize acidic CO2 present in seawater and convert it into carbonate and bicarbonate. The project will bring together experts from Metro Vancouver, Ocean Networks Canada, the University of British Columbia, and other community stakeholders.

Meanwhile, Coastal Carbon has partnered with Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative and Ocean Wise to develop and pilot a remote seaweed biomass monitoring solution. Seaweed can be used to sequester carbon, but to do it efficiently along B.C.’s 26,000 km of coastline, we need more information. AI and remote satellite data will be used to scale a cost-effective model to measure where seaweed is and how much of it is there for better management and protection of these ecosystems, as well as carbon offset verification.


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