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Plus, the latest Origen Air installation and a record trip for Harbour Air.

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“Turns out, we're in the middle of a perfect storm…”

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Imagine describing an app in one sentence and seeing it come to life in seconds, powered by AI. This is the dream that Frontly, a local business automation platform, was looking to bring to life. The outfit has created an AI generation tool that’s powered by Google Sheets to enable even non-technical users to create apps, which is part of what Frontly calls the V2 of its platform.

The release last month was the culmination of an odyssey by founder Patrick Kelly. He told me that he had tried for the last couple of years to build this intuitive interface for non-technical users. Kelly was ready to deem it an impossible task. “Business users don't really want to invest months learning a new system,” he said.

Advancements in AI, however, have made that dream possible. “Turns out, we're in the middle of a perfect storm,” he said. “With the timing of ChatGPT's release, we can actually generate functional apps already, and we're just getting started.”

The idea that Frontly’s tech is just beginning mirrors Kelly’s views on Victoria’s tech community. “We have some great companies here making big names for themselves and putting us on the map, and I can only see that accelerating more in 2023,” he told us at the end of 2022, a year that netted Frontly a six-figure investment. 

Now, the firm is ensuring that AI is at the centre.

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Instant Record Check, a Victoria company, provides a secure and convenient way to apply for RCMP criminal record checks within minutes, without the hassle of lining up at the nearest police station. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, the company gives its customers the documents they need online. Instant Record Check also touts that its platform turns around the check five-times faster than in-person requests.

Its software is for individuals and employers of businesses looking for employment as well as property managers. The company is co-founded by Victoria-based serial entrepreneur Manty Biring. Biring is also currently the co-founder of a pair of other companies: digital marketing firm Sprout Digital and investment firm Nimble Profit.

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🍃 Coming to a building near you: Susan Blanchet, co-founder of Origen Air, unveiled her cleantech company’s latest installation.

🛩️ Coming to a harbour near you: Harbour Air’s electric plane has landed in Victoria’s Inner Harbour, which marks its longest journey.

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