HiBoop! becoming a leader in mental health care

Plus, a technology-first care home in Comox

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Briefing. In this issue, read about insights from a Victoria founder, robots at a dementia care home, and VIATEC’s call for new board members.

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HiBoop! highlights importance of mental health care assessments

With the federal government announcing it’s investing $7.5 million in mental health and crisis services, it underscores the importance of our own leading mental health care startups like HiBoop!.

HiBoop! provides comprehensive, science-backed mental health assessments to individuals and healthcare providers. The startup was created by Jason Morehouse, who previously co-founded and exited Checkfront, a tourism software development company.

In a past BC Business interview, Morehouse shares his “a-ha moment” for the need to build HiBoop! after receiving a mental health assessment and discovering the company’s “defunct software.”


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📰 More Victoria innovation news

🌎 World’s greatest: Jeff Ward, founder and CEO of Indigenous tech company Animiki, shared his insights on past and future Canadian innovations with global impacts.

👵 Grow old with me: A new, technology-first care home in Comox will welcome residents next week. Modelled as a “dementia village,” the care home will feature autonomous robots and wearables that track residents’ locations and biometric data, plus allow access to specific facilities.

🤝 It’s always better when we’re together: VIATEC opened a call for nominations for its board of directors. The organization is seeking eight new board members.

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