Island spotlight: Ocean Networks Canada

Plus, artificial intelligence and the future of education

Welcome to this week’s Midweek Memo. In this issue, read about Innovate BC’s awards program for researchers, two new tuition-free programs at Camosun College, and Campbell River tech in Norway.

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Island spotlight: Ocean Networks Canada

Map of ONC’s infrastructure in Canada. Source: Ocean Networks Canada

It feels like I’ve been writing a fair bit about Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) lately, but frankly, it’s a little hard not to geek out on some of the work ONC is doing.

An initiative from the University of Victoria, ONC collects real-time data and monitors the three oceans bordering our coasts. In their own words…

ONC delivers ocean data from its cabled, mobile and community-based observing networks that represent an essential component of Canada’s ocean observing science capacity.

By bringing data to the surface, ONC provides ocean intelligence to scientists, governments, organizations, and citizens. Ocean data are archived, processed and made freely available via ONC’s data management system, Oceans 3.0.

Ocean Networks Canada

The ONC team readies a glider for launch and deployment. Source: Ocean Networks Canada

Recent highlights from ONC include:

The plethora of data, photos, videos, and other content from ONC exists for a reason — ONC’s goal is to provide “access to free, open, continuous, long-time series data from anywhere in the world, in real-time.”

📰 More Victoria innovation news

🔥 Light me up: Applications opened for Innovate BC’s Ignite program, which awards up to $300,000 to fund B.C.-based research and development projects focused on natural resources, engineering, and applied sciences.

🎓 I love college: Camosun College launched two new programs targeting women and Indigenous students. The programs are last three months, are tuition-free, and centre on civil, mechanical and electrical engineering and computer sciences.

🌊 My body is a cage: Campbell River’s Poseidon Ocean Systems announced a distribution partnership with Norwegian based technology supplier, Fjord Miljø. The partnership will give customers in Norway access to Poseidon’s Life Support & Hybrid sea cage technology.

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As AI evolves, it will inevitably reshape how students learn, think, and prepare for future careers. This presentation highlights why it's essential for today's youth to be equipped with an understanding of AI to navigate the complexities of a technology-driven world. New York Times bestselling author, renowned educator, and international keynote speaker, AJ Juliani, will share insights into how AI is changing education and what this means for students’ futures.

In the ever-evolving landscape of data and analytics, this conference stands as a beacon for industry leaders, professionals, and innovators seeking to navigate the complexities of today’s information age. Discussions will unravel the paramount importance of data governance, efficient data management, and the strategic application of AI.

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