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iWIST’s interconnected Island

Photo credit: iWIST

Island Women in Science and Technology (iWIST) is throwing a party, and you're invited.

Coming up on August 11 is the organization’s highly-anticipated summer get-together. Hosted at Bar500 in Victoria’s Oswego Hotel, the evening will see the Island’s STEM community gather for an evening of networking, engaging conversations, and high-quality canapés, under the theme of “future-powered possibilities.”

iWIST was originally founded in 2011 by a quartet of women that were looking for networking opportunities. It’s an autonomous, member-run, Victoria-based non-profit that now boasts 11 board members and five advisors. All of its events are held by this group with the help of volunteers. They originally held informal meetups, inviting contacts to join. Eventually, these small meetups grew into larger-scale events.

The summer party is one of iWIST’s flagship offerings, and it’s the organization’s latest effort in community building. iWIST’s mission is to support women and allies in STEM by building a trusted community that promotes and facilitates access to peer connection and individual development. As the STEM sector and Island tech continues to evolve, iWIST aims to support and encourage women to engage with and thrive in the field.

Women, trans, and non-binary folks, as well as male-identifying allies, are all welcome at iWIST’s events and fundraisers. In addition to connecting folks from those groups, the organization hopes its events will bring together the whole Island.

This notion hits close to home (literally) for iWIST co-chair Louise Wilkinson, who is based in Ladysmith. She feels there is a lack of connective tissue. “There's just nothing holding us all together,” she said. “We're looking to be a connector for the whole region.”

The organization’s co-chair, president, and CEO Tamara Summers echoes this sentiment, reminding me that iWIST’s mandate is to connect folks all over Vancouver Island. To do that, the organization is looking to add a couple more events to its roster, increase its membership, link up with more sponsors, and grow its connections. On that note: “We're looking for folks to come out and reach out to both Louise and I to introduce themselves.”

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August 11 | iWIST Summer Party: Prepare to be inspired as Victoria's STEM community gathers for an evening of networking, engaging conversations, and high-quality canapés.

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