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Plus, de-risking Canadian cleantech innovation

Welcome to this week’s Midweek Memo. In this issue, read about recognition for MarineLabs, a fintech podcast, and parliamentarians meeting with scientists.

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De-risking Canadian cleantech innovation

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Late last week, Foresight Canada announced its new Cleantech Adoption Platform, designed to make it easier for solutions providers to find industrial and municipal buyers in Canada and globally. Foresight hopes the program will help de-risk and therefore accelerate adoption of Canadian cleantech.

For cleantech ventures, the platform is entirely free and provides a secure, gated platform where only vetted buyers participate.

For buyers, the platform will provide easy access to a database of products, services and solutions; technology roadmaps and business cases; success stories; a learning management system; and much more.


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📰 More Victoria innovation news

👀 Looking for a man in finance: John MacKinlay, executive chair of Peloton Technologies and a former partner at PwC Canada, sat down with the Fintrepreneur podcast to chat about his career journey and what makes a great fintech strategy.

😍 You see me: VIATEC celebrated MarineLabs CEO Scott Beatty with the presentation of a “Proud Member" plaque from VIATEC CEO Dan Gunn. Earlier this year, MarineLabs made history with a $4.5 million seed round, the largest of its kind in the history of Canadian ocean technologies.

🤝 Nice to meet you: University of Victoria engineering professor Marianne Black and chemistry and physics professor Thomas Baker took part in the Science Meets Parliament event in May. The annual event is hosted by the Canadian Science Policy Centre and, as its name suggests, brings together scientists from across Canada and parliamentarians.

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In this webinar hosted by the Public Legal Education Association of Canada (PLEAC), learn how Victoria-based Tangowork Software used proprietary data to create a stunningly powerful legal chatbot for People's Law, a BC-based non-profit. You'll see real transcripts of complicated legal conversations handled by AI; how retrieval augmented generation (RAG) works; how to control AI costs; how to ensure privacy and security.

COAST invites you to their first informal meet and greet in Port Alberni with innovators, industry leaders and stakeholders involved in B.C.'s ocean and marine industries. This is a community fast becoming known for its collaborative, innovative approach to nurturing its ocean industry.

In the Health Terminology and Interoperability Standards Certificate Program (HTIS) offered by the University of Victoria's School of Health Information Science, you will learn about the exciting field of standards and interoperability, critical topics for making healthcare more modern and efficient. Learn how data is represented, exchanged, standardized, and applied to improve our healthcare systems and about the details, challenges, implementations, and acceptance of modern data-driven health information exchange.

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