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Regiondo joins the Checkfront and Rezdy merger. Plus, local insights into leadership.

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Regiondo joins the Checkfront and Rezdy merger

Photo credit: Regiondo.

Recently, we told you about Checkfront’s merger with Rezdy. While the terms of the merger were undisclosed, Pender Ventures principal Kenndal McArdle noted involvement in a LinkedIn post and teased that more announcements were forthcoming.

The first dropped this week. It’s now been revealed that the merger features a third company: European tour and activity booking software business, Regiondo.

“Checkfront and Rezdy have been on parallel tracks with Regiondo to digitalize the tours and activities industry with a focus on North America and Australia,” Regiondo CEO Oliver Nützel wrote on LinkedIn. “Our merger will not only benefit our customers but will also allow us to invest in innovation for the T&A industry.”

The deal has Checkfront CEO Jason Morehouse feeling nostalgic. Before he and the company had board members, he wrote in a blog post, it had a couple of computers in a basement and the ambition to help inspiring operators grow their businesses.

“We started our company when ‘reservation technology’ meant trying to book an experience by calling a phone number and leaving a voicemail,” he wrote. “Inspired by the grit and determination of business owners in this space, we knew they deserved better. Now, with 13 years in the restech industry, we’ve built a great product with an incredible team serving operators across the globe.”

In a similar sentiment to what he shared when the merger included just Checkfront and Rezdy, Morehouse wrote that customers of the new trio can expect business as usual. We anticipate, however, more announcements to come from this booking software juggernaut. Morehouse quipped that Checkfront, Rezdy, and Regiondo fit together like puzzle pieces. Only time will tell if there are a few more pieces left in the box.

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