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Welcome to this week’s Sunday Briefing. In this issue, read about trading day for Eupraxia Pharmaceuticals, an acquisition by Shift, and a new circular economy program.

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$1.7 billion in research funding

Source: University of Victoria

University of Victoria researchers are getting a big boost in funding after the Government of Canada announced a $1.7 billion investment in Canada’s science and research community. The funding will be distributed to 7,700 researchers and students through grants, scholarships, fellowships and other programs.

Of that $1.7 billion, 17 UVic researchers will claim $3 million, to be spread over 19 projects, including:

  • Keivan Ahmadi: Autonomous identification of machining dynamics for intelligent vibration suppression in milling operations

  • Alexandra Branzan Albu: Computer vision-based deep learning algorithms for detecting marine life and physical phenomena from acoustic backscatter time series

  • Zuomin Dong: Development of electric medium-duty trucks (e-MDTs) through model-based design and optimization

Funding for the UVic projects will come through the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Alliance grant program. NSERC Alliance grants encourage university researchers to collaborate with partner organizations from the private, public or not-for-profit sectors.


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📰 More Victoria innovation news

Give me a sign: Eupraxia Pharmaceuticals began trading on Nasdaq. The Victoria-based biotech company is trading under the symbol EPRX.

👋 Oh na na, what’s my name? Shift acquired Shift. Shift.com, that is. The local company challenging the big web browsers has long been pursuing the domain with its name.

🌎 Around the world: The Synergy Foundation announced its Project Zero Circular Economy Accelerator Program. The program will help Vancouver Island- and Sunshine Coast-based businesses incorporate circular economy principles and practices. Intake for the program is open now.

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