Unlocking the potential of recycled light

Plus, the University of Victoria is a STAR

Welcome to this week’s Midweek Memo. In this issue, read about a STAR for the University of Victoria, new transit technology, and who’ll be leading the development of a Gigafactory with the Malahat Nation.

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Unlocking the potential of recycled light

Source: XLYNX Materials

Two Victoria-based companies, Solaires Enterprises and XLYNX Materials, are partnering to build high-efficiency, high-stability perovskite solar cells that will unlock the full potential of recycled light.

What exactly does that mean? According to the U.S. Department of Energy:

“Perovskite solar cells have shown remarkable progress in recent years with rapid increases in efficiency, from reports of about 3% in 2009 to over 25% today. While perovskite solar cells have become highly efficient in a very short time, a number of challenges remain before they can become a competitive commercial technology.”

In other words, more efficient solar cells. But as said, they’re not without their challenges, including stability, durability, scalability, and manufacturability. Together, XLYNX Materials and Solaires Enterprises aim to tackle those challenges.

Solaires Enterprises is a cleantech company that has invented a unique perovskite-based solar technology with efficiencies as high as 35% and recently announced plans for a new Langford-based production facility.

Meanwhile, XLYNX Materials, a technology start-up spun out of the University of Victoria, has developed a molecular bonding agent, BondLynx, proven to be a highly effective stabilizing agent for perovskite solar cells, improving efficiency and long-term performance in recent studies.

“The stability improvements it made in academic perovskite solar studies were remarkable, so we’re thrilled to find a neighbour like Solaires, right here in Victoria, to help validate the commercial potential of this application with their perovskite-based solar modules,” said Sean Bourquin, director of strategy, XLYNX Materials.

The two companies are now working on incorporating XLYNX’s diazirine crosslinking technology into Solaires’ perovskite inks to develop high-efficiency indoor solar modules.

“Our PVModules use wasted light to power battery-driven devices to reduce the number of single-use batteries. Through collaboration with XLYNX Materials, we are one step closer to making solar energy even more sustainable, cost-effective, and accessible,” commented Dr. Sahar Sam, co-founder and CSO, Solaires Enterprises.

The indoor photovoltaics market is entering a period of rapid growth and is projected to be worth $58 billion by the end of 2027. Perovskite-based indoor photovoltaics are expected to represent the largest share of this total market.

📰 More Victoria innovation news

💫 In a sky full of stars: The University of Victoria was recognized as one of only 14 post-secondary institutions around the world to achieve a STARS Platinum sustainability rating. The university was also recently named one of Canada’s greenest employers.

🚌 The wheels on the bus: BC Transit announced that Victoria transit users will now have access to high tech NextRide technology. How will the tech change your transit experience? Users will now be able to see their bus’ real-time location and predicted arrival time.

⚡️ I’ve got the power: Victoria’s Energy Plug announced a new team member — Shawn Henson will join as a technical consultant and is set to lead the development of a planned Gigafactory project, developed in partnership with Malahat Batteries Technologies Corp. and Malahat Nation.


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