VIATEC report highlights tech’s impact

Plus, harnessing indoor solar power

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Briefing. In this issue, read about boat manufacturing in Greater Victoria, smart accounting coming to Victoria, and a new partnership for Solaires.

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VIATEC report highlights tech’s impact

Source: VIATEC

VIATEC released its annual Economic Impact Report on Thursday, highlighting the Victoria tech community’s economic output, as well as the advantages, challenges, and barriers that companies here face.

The report boasts some big numbers:

  • $7.9 billion in total economic impact—$5.9 billion of direct economic impact and $2 billion indirect

  • $5.87 billion in total tech sector revenue

  • 20,007 tech workers in 2023

According to the report, Victoria companies benefit from the “lifestyle, mild climate, shorter commute times, and the presence of post-secondary institutions.” But the island lifestyle is a double-edged sword—access to recruitment, funding, a reliable supply chain, and new markets were all highlighted as barriers.

Data for the Economic Impact Report is gathered via a survey sent to tech companies in the 13 municipalities that make up Greater Victoria. The report also makes use of census data from VIATEC itself and data from BC Stats.


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⛵️The waves won’t break my boat: In the latest Chamber Chat, Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce CEO Bruce Williams sits down with Jennifer Michell, vice-president of Titan Boats, to discuss boat manufacturing in Greater Victoria.

📚 She opened up a book of poems: Bookkeep, a smart accounting automation platform, is coming to Victoria. The firm is set to open an office and hire local talent for new roles.

🌈 All the colours of the rainbow: Solaires announced a partnership with Shanghai-based Genesis Technology to harness the potential of indoor solar power using perovskite-based PV modules.

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