Victoria company to lead $7M marine electrification project

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Victoria company to lead $7M marine electrification project

Source: Photon Marine Canada

On Monday, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announced the Canadian Electric Propulsion Acceleration Coalition (CEPAC) Project, aimed at establishing a domestic, coast-to-coast electric boat manufacturing supply chain. To ensure scalability, the coalition includes boat manufacturers, charging infrastructure providers, an electric outboard motor company, and an Indigenous deep-water testing facility.

Valued at $7M with contributions from partners, the project will be led by Victoria’s Photon Marine Canada, which develops and builds electric motor systems for commercial boat fleets. Listing the benefits of electric boats, Photon points to efficiency, economics (they’re cheaper to own and operate), noise reduction, and the lack of emissions and oil changes.

“The CEPAC initiative will allow us to accelerate the transition to electric propulsion across key maritime sectors while reducing commercialization risk for the consortium members,” said Marcelino J. Alvarez, CEO of Photon Marine. “Canada’s leadership in maritime decarbonization sets an example for the rest of the world.”

Photon isn’t the only Island-based group taking part. Malahat Solutions has offered up its testing facility, which includes access to a deep water port, inlets, NATO designated underwater range, and a mountainous interior.

“Malahat Solutions Inc. is proud to be the testing facility for this project. As a pivotal Indigenous testing facility specializing in climate change adaptation and sustainability solutions, we’re eager to contribute to building generational knowledge for climate change mitigation and adaptation,” said Allison Dame, director of partnerships at Malahat Solutions Inc. “Located within the diverse terrains of the Malahat Eco-Industrial Park, our partnership with the Malahat Nation allows us to integrate traditional ecological knowledge with cutting-edge technology. This unique collaboration enhances our ability to create and evaluate innovative solutions, driving meaningful impact and long-term climate adaptability for Indigenous communities and beyond.”

Victoria’s Mostar Labs, whose services include the development of maritime electrification solutions and product commercialization, has also joined as a project partner.

📰 More Victoria innovation news

👯‍♂️ By my side: Acquired by Peloton Technologies in September, Nanaimo’s KIS Payments completed the brand integration this week and will now be known as Peloton Technologies.

📸 Worth a thousand words: Cascadia Seaweed released a photo essay of a project assessing the potential to use its kelp farms for communities of fish.

🚢 And we’re off: Ocean Networks Canada announced its summer expedition. Setting off for a 20-day journey, beginning June 6, the team will be conducting maintenance and research at the NEPTUNE observatory.

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