VoxCell wins the last-ever Collision PITCH competition

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VoxCell wins the last-ever Collision PITCH competition

Source: Collision Conference

On the last day of the last Collision conference, three Canadian startups pitched their businesses to judges Marlon Thompson, chief experience officer at Spring Impact Capital; Rachel Slaybaugh, partner at DCVC; and Eva Wong, co-founder and COO of Borrowell.

The finalists had already beat out the 557 other applicants, including 70 who were invited to pitch and 10 semi-finalists. In the end, it was Victoria’s VoxCell BioInnovation that took home first place.

VoxCell is revolutionizing 3D bio-printing with a universal bio-ink kit that mimics natural soft tissue, allowing pharmaceutical companies to test new drugs faster. Currently, the company focuses on printing human-like cancer tissues.

“VoxCell has created the first bio-printed human-like cancer tissue models that drug developers can utilize to directly inject their drug candidates through the blood vessels. This allows us to identify ineffective drugs much earlier in the process,” said Asees Kaur, business operations coordinator at VoxCell BioInnovation. “And our market isn’t just constrained to cancer, this is just what we’re starting [with] because it's a US$16 billion market. Our next market from here is neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s.”

From securing initial funding in 2020 from friends and family, the Victoria-based startup is now backed by VCs and angel investors.

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