Youth is not wasted on the young

Plus, medical mushrooms, digital literacy, and EV infrastructure.


Welcome to this week’s Midweek Memo, brought to you by COAST. In this issue, read about digital literacy skills, the potential power of fungi, and a survey from the City of Victoria.

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Victoria represents at Youth Entrepreneur of the Year

They say youth is wasted on the young, but these entrepreneurs are making the most of it. 

Presented by League of Innovators, the national charity founded by Ryan Holmes (of Hootsuite fame), the first annual Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Awards recognizes and celebrates Canada’s young innovators. 

The inaugural awards honour 28 young minds whose work reflects what League of Innovators calls the key values of “real Canadian entrepreneurship stories”: leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, impact, and innovation.

The Victoria innovators on this year’s list are:

Justin Tse, founder and CEO, Feature Media

Digital advertising agency Feature Media started as a YouTube channel, motivated by then-13-year-old Justin Tse’s hope to be gifted the latest iPod Touch. Flash forward another 13 years and the agency’s brand partnerships include Apple, Mercedes Benz, the Four Seasons, Formula One, and Wimbledon.

Maxwell Nicholson, co-founder and CEO, Blossom Social

University of Victoria graduate Maxwell Nicholson has never been one to rest on his laurels. During his studies at UVic, Maxwell was the student society’s director of external relations, an instructor (during his undergrad), and even managed to pen an economics textbook. After some time spent in the tech and management consulting world, Maxwell decided to dip his toe into entrepreneurship and co-founded Blossom Social, a social investing platform. Blossom helps Canadian investors learn, share knowledge, and change the culture of investing.


How do we harness the power of data to gain deeper insight into various aspects of Canada's ocean realm?

COAST recently took part in the seventh Ocean of Data Challenge to address this question.

By leveraging ocean data, participants were encouraged to explore and uncover valuable information related to Canada's ocean health and ocean economy.

The Data Challenge aimed to highlight the significance of data-driven insights in addressing complex issues related to ocean sustainability, conservation, and economic development. Participants were encouraged to apply their analytical and creative skills to discover innovative solutions and contribute to a more informed and sustainable future for Canada's oceans.

Watch the kickoff presentation here.

📰 More Victoria innovation news

👩‍💻 In your hands: At TEDxRoyalRoadsU, Canadian technologist Shauna Begley explained how to avoid getting lost in the tech world with digital literacy.

🍄 Mushroom magic: Kapoose Creek Bio uses AI to explore the potential of fungi for medical treatment.

Plug it in: City of Victoria is surveying residents on EV charging infrastructure and the future of sustainable transportation.


Make a difference in your community.

Calling all millennials and Gen X’ers: Start your philanthropic journey with the Gadsden Initiative.  

This Victoria Foundation program helps community-minded citizens build relationships with local organizations through a series of learning sessions, community activities and networking opportunities. 

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