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Inside Redbrick’s extensive co-op student program

Christine Tatham, VP of people and culture at Redbrick.
Photo credit: Tatham / LinkedIn.

I owe pretty much everything I have done professionally to my experience as a co-op student. Tech Journals founder William Johnson plucked me off the sales rack of an H&M, where I was working at the time, and gave me my first real chance. Then, five years later, we reunited at the Vancouver and Victoria Tech Journals

My experience was buoyed by the privilege of growing up in Canada. Local workplace culture and values were already the norm to me. Canada hosted more than 800,000 international students last year and this number is only continuing to grow. However, as more and more of these students graduate, they are finding it challenging to land jobs in the country.

By implementing a co-op program and working with post-secondary institutions, companies can offer invaluable experience and mentorship to retain these skilled employees and help grow the talent pool in British Columbia. For one local business, Redbrick, co-ops have been an integral part of its success, and in the last year (September 2022 to September 2023), the company has hired 19 co-op students. One such student was Nusaibah Tarannum

“From the application process to day one, the team treated me like a full-time employee and I was involved in everything from customer support to team meetings,” she said. “Being fully integrated allowed me to apply the skills I gained through my Master’s degree at UVic, and put them towards meaningful work.”

Now a support specialist at Shift, also of the Redbrick parish, Tarannum reflects that her experience was special. Many other companies require candidates to be Canadian citizens, which prevented her from moving forward with an application. Besides being enrolled in a credible university or college, Redbrick has no conditions for candidates to apply for co-op roles, which helps international students like Tarannum get their first job. It’s also a sentiment that is shared by Christine Tatham, the VP of people and culture at Redbrick. 

“We are committed to fostering emerging talent, especially the talent in our own backyard, through co-op programs,” she said. “We’re proud to support the growth and development of young people in Victoria, especially at a time when many companies are cutting co-op work terms and internships.”

One of the reasons Redbrick offers these placements is because it is one of the key ways the company finds and retains talent. Since its initial involvement in the program, over 70 co-op students have come to Redbrick for work experience. Of that number, it has hired nearly 40 percent after graduation, for either part-time or full-time roles.  

“We are proud to be able to provide such a profound learning opportunity for young people in our community,” Tatham said.

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  • The VIATEC Community Awards will take place on November 30 in Carson Hall at the Victoria Conference Centre (720 Douglas Street.)

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Entrepreneur Turned Lawyer: Geoff Dittrich

16 years ago, I fell in love with entrepreneurship.

Leaving BlackBerry at its height, I set out to build as many different businesses and social ventures as I could get involved in.

Throughout those experiences, I worked with enough lawyers to learn that I don’t like working with lawyers 😬

Having identified this problem, I did what most entrepreneurs do: create a solution.

I set out to become the lawyer I was looking for as an entrepreneur, but couldn’t find: one that has actually built businesses and can provide accessible, transparent, and practical legal support with that experience infused.

That’s why Ink LLP is a business law firm focused on high-growth companies and those that build them 🚀

Would love to help you build!

📰 More Victoria innovation news

🎁 Put a bow on it: Local holding company Tiny has completed its acquisition of Jagged Pixel, operators of a Shopify store automation.

⭐ Hang a star on it: Tech executive Bobbie Racette was honoured as UVic's Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year.

👀 Keep your eye out for it: Victoria’s plant-based seafood company Save Da Sea saw its smoked salmon and tuna salad included as a Whole Foods Market Top 10 Food Trend for 2024!


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