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Plus, discover which two local organizations want you to join their board, and read economic predictions both new and old.

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When you think about the impact that founders are having through the vehicle that is VIATEC, it's really impressive,” says local investor Rasool Rayani.

Rayani wears many hats. In addition to, say, advising the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation or lending his expertise to the New Ventures BC Competition, Rayani has been a long-time member of VIATEC’s board.

With nominations now open for new board members, Victoria Tech Journal caught up with Rayani and fellow VIATEC decision-makers Maria Davidson, Corina Ludwig, and Armon Arani to mine their insights on what the experience has brought them, and how they’ve seen the local tech ecosystem evolve.

Read our conversation with the quartet in our Scaleup Story Series.

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🏙️ Community catchup, powered by VIATEC

VIATEC has welcomed Selkirk Systems to Fort Tectoria. Wildfires have become a distinct part of the British Columbian experience, and climate change means it will stay that way. Selkirk’s software enables its clients to excel in fast-paced wildfire-response environments.

Founded in 2003, the company has grown to a double-digit team that calls some of the busiest emergency management agencies across Canada and the United States its clients. Selkirk also prides itself on that support, providing quick technical help to customers during periods of high activity. This can be a literal lifesaver in wildfire season.

📰 More Victoria innovation news

🧑‍💻 Speaking of board positions: COAST is also currently seeking fresh talent, and wants to add six new board members to serve a three-year term, starting in September.

🔮 Speaking of COAST: The organization’s COO, Dallas Gislason, made a series of predictions in the early days of COVID for Douglas Magazine. How did he do?

📈 Speaking of predictions: Outway founder Rob Fraser predicts that ad spend is now likely to play a big role in hitting revenue targets.


Massive potential in blue economy

As it builds Pacific Canada’s hub for the sustainable blue economy, COAST invites ocean and marine businesses to get involved. As Executive Director Jason Goldsworthy notes, “There are an increasing number of innovators providing new commercial solutions to key industry challenges. We can accelerate their growth and impact.” Get connected:

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